Following the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015 we have been rebuilding numerous schools. Help us provide the kids with a safe place to learn and grow.


Re-build the EAST POINT ACADEMY and give education for a better future

For many of us access to primary education seems like a given, but for the children of Nepal, it is not at all. Today you can make a real and tangible difference to 450 children, and help them get an education by supporting AOKC to build the first of its kind, state of the art, community driven school. By support East Point Academy you will radically change the lives of an entire region of Nepal for years to come. East Point Academy was founded 12 years ago aiming to provide quality education to marginalized kids, but was tragically destroyed during the 2015 earthquake, along with 25,000 other schools which affected 1.7 million children. Following the disaster, East Point Academy set-up temporary classrooms using bamboo and metal sheeting to be able to continue to educate pupils. However, the makeshift situation is no longer a viable solution and children now urgently need your support, to help create a better, safer, quality environment for them to receive an education. AOKC engaged with EPA to support construction of a permanent school that will be earthquake resistant and serve the community long term. The vision is to make EPA the best affordable educational institution in the area so every child can have access to quality education and get a chance to break the cycle of poverty they were born into. 7.5M of the Nepali population is illiterate, and 66% are women. Education helps break the poverty cycle, empowers women and helps prevent disease.

How do I know my donation will make an impact?

The Acts of Kindness Collective operates a 100% model. This means that we raise money for any overheads separately, so that 100% of your donation to a specific campaign can always be guaranteed to be spent on that project.

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