A life-changing project in partnership with The Oda Foundation and Prosthetics Without Borders, that so far helped 24 patients get back on their feet.


Give the gift of walking and help amputees get back on their feet.

Losing a limb is a devastating physical and psychological experience for anyone, and for adults and children in countries where prosthetics are not routinely available, it can also mean losing your job, your home, and even your family. In Nepal, of the 22,000 injured in the earthquake, around 5,000 people were left with physical disabilities that will affect the rest of their lives. In partnership with Oda Foundation, and Prosthetics Without Borders, our Back on Their Feet program has already provided life changing surgery and prosthetic limbs to 24 amputees living in the remote and impoverished district of Kalikot in West Nepal. Our beneficiaries however, still need on-going care and for patients like 5 year old Nisha (pictured below), who lost her leg in a fire, the journey is just beginning so with your support she can have the best possible chance of fulfilling her potential in later life.

How do I know my donation will make an impact?

The Acts of Kindness Collective operates a 100% model. This means that we raise money for any overheads separately, so that 100% of your donation to a specific campaign can always be guaranteed to be spent on that project.

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