Keep street children away from the streets

Together with Kuya Center for Street Children and The Cholo Camp, we focus on providing better opportunities for street children in order to minimise their dependency on illegal labour practices, drug abuse or prostitution in Manila, Philippines.


Help us keep the children safe.

According to Unicef, the Philippines has the lowest decline in poverty rates in the last 2 decades especially compared to its neighbours in Southeast Asia. And with regards to children in poverty: “3 out of 4 income poor children live in rural areas. Their number has, in fact, increased at roughly 2.7 per cent each year from 2003 to 2009. On the other hand, even if only a quarter of all poor children are found in urban areas, their annual rate of increase is an alarming 4.48 per cent—almost twice the rate of increase in the rural areas.” As of this study, out of the 13.5 million poor children nationwide, 5.5 million have engaged in child labour. This reinforces the intergenerational cycle of poverty and impedes a child’s development because it interferes with their education and exposes them to exploitation. In partnership with Kuya Center for Street Children and The Cholo Camp, we created our programme that aims to let the children experience a safe and fun environment outside of the market places where they typically roam as well as a venue for social workers to conduct their crucial educational programmes.

How do I know my donation will make an impact?

The Acts of Kindness Collective operates a 100% model. This means that we raise money for any overheads separately, so that 100% of your donation to a specific campaign can always be guaranteed to be spent on that project.

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